Buying Your Home

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The Process of Buying

  • Finding your Realtor (but you already did that)
  • Getting preapproved for your mortgage
  • The search
  • The offer
  • Working through your conditions
  • The Home Inspection
  • Finding the right lawyer
  • Walkthroughs
  • Moving Day

We are here to guide you through it all, provide you with the appropriate professionals, and assist through everything. We are always here to answer any of your questions or concerns, and help negotiate the best deal on your behalf, and ensure it has great potential for the future

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Things you want to know and understand:

  • Cap rate
  • Location
  • Landlord and tenant rules
  • Return on investment
  • Where to buy and when to sell

We are here to guide you through all of that process, and recommend the right professional during every step of the way

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Location, Location, Location

This is such an important part or real estate, and something we know inside and out. We know the areas, the schools, the walking trails, and the values. We want you to buy in a great location where you can make a great return. We also want to tell you about each of the areas, and the special things they offer.

For example:

  • The Hohner Porch Patio is great for my Downtown Kitchener residence
  • The Wellesley Apple, Butter and Cheese Festival is a fun event
  • Strawberryfest in St. Agatha
  • Sapfest in Elmira
  • Christmas Parade
  • Oktoberfest Events

So many wonderful things in the K-W Region and I would love to tell you about them.

Also Did you know that I am linked to Realtors all over the world, and would LOVE to connect you to the good ones if you’re moving out of the area and need a trusted advisor.

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Figuring Out the Numbers

Cost when you buy typically:

  • Land transfer tax
  • A deposit which then is applied to your downpayment
  • Legal fees
  • Home inspection
  • Set up fees for cable, hydro, etc

Cost when you sell typically:

  • Commission
  • Legal fees
  • Mortgage penalty

Manifesting Your Dream Home

I truly believe you can manifest the perfect home for your family. If you are planning on buying in the future, write down on a sheet of paper the major attributes of what you need, within reason. For example: 3 bedrooms, a pool, a private yard. Take that sheet of paper and put it on your fridge, and every day look at it and visualize that home. It sounds quirky – but I truly believe in it – and would love to tell you how this belief in manifesting led me to living in my dream home by 29!

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