Learning to Love what you do and Leading with Humour

Today we’re sitting down with Robin Todd, owner of Marks Supply, a local plumbing company that started with Robin’s father in 1962 and has grown exponentially since then. We’re chatting with Robin about becoming a leader in a male dominated industry, the interesting dynamics of working for the family business, and how ultimately Robin learned to love the work she did and now leads her company with strength, empathy, and a great sense of humour.


The Believe in Her Podcast is the show where we hear the stories of the incredible women making waves in our world. From entrepreneurs to community leaders, and beyond, we’ll learn what it really means to Believe in Her.

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  1. Listened to 1st 30 seconds of your podcast with Robin T. I’m already laughing and will be back to hear every last minute of it!

  2. Robin Todd.

    Great person. Business leader. AKA Burt.

    We’re all aging. And learning. Who retires? Few entrepreneurs. It’s about balance.

    Couldn’t resist listening… from coastal B.C.

    Loved it. Be well.

  3. Melanie Nobre
    October 14, 2019

    Loved listening to this! I recognized Robin because she was at SF on Saturday! What a coincidence.

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