How can you refer us?

So many of our clients recommend us and sometimes people want to but don’t know how.

All we ask is when someone mentions they are moving that you see if we can help them. We love meeting new people and always promise to make you look good!

We love our clients

Our clients are why I’m here! Every year we organize events to celebrate them because we miss Ya when the process is done!

My favourite days are being surrounded by a room full of people that support my Business – and continue to refer my name.

How can we refer you?

We always refer to our clients in the trades, because we know we can trust them and they always take great care of our clients.

Everyone that has touched my life in a certain way is a part of my story and I would love if you were too!
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Client success stories

  • Sarah and Tyler

    We were engaged, living in an apartment and dreaming of owning our own home. We contacted Jen just to see if it was possible with our budget and wishlist and voila only three viewings later we were homeowners.

    As first time homeowners we didn’t know much about what was involved in purchasing a home. Jen made it simple. She guided us through the process, answered all our questions and was able to refer us to great people to work with to purchase our home (example: inspector, mortgage broker, and lawyer). We never felt judged, pushed into decisions or unheard. She truly wanted the best for us and made us feel 100% comfortable and confident with our decision.

    We highly recommend Jen to any first time homeowners. She’s kind, understanding, knowledgeable and is one competitive girl so you know that she will fight for you.

  • Jackie and Craig

    Jen was the perfect pick when it came to selling our home, although she is a good friend of ours, we knew we could trust her when it came to managing such a large asset. She was very detail oriented, as we owned a luxury home, she wanted to ensure everything looked perfect for when it hit the market. Jen was relentless about every detail - even in a hot market - she knew everything needed to be perfect before we listed it. She negotiated multiple offers and we ended up SIGNIFICANTLY over value, and then we ended up being under value on the gorgeous country estate we purchased. Jen is a great emotional support, and always made us comfortable and laugh through the process. She is so transparent in everything that she does, and was able to manage the entire process so well! Plus our girls LOVE our new house which was very important to us! You can't go wrong with her!

  • Dave and Hilary

    When it came to picking our real estate agent, Jen was our natural choice. Although I am so lucky to know a lot of awesome Realtors in the K-W area, Jen's personality has just always been my favourite, and I knew she would be the perfect fit for selling our luxury home, and she was. Jen was very detail oriented, and made sure everything looked perfect before it hit the market. She wants everything to look the best, and it totally did. She and Dave worked relentlessly on negotiating on behalf of our home - and made a fantastic team. We were thrilled with the outcome! He was very impressed with her market knowledge, and professionalism. We refer Jen to everyone we know - as we couldn't say enough good things. Plus she books her client appreciation parties at my studio every year - as she wants all her clients to have nice photos in their homes! Jen cares so much about her clients - and it shows in everything she does! You will love her!

  • Darryl and Robin

    Jen came very highly recommended to us, so we didn't even felt the need to interview anyone else, as we liked her right away. She was always patient, and made every experience fun for the kids - and was always asking them questions about what they thought about the house too. When it came to finding the right house, she negotiated so well on our behalf, and was diligent with all of the details. She noted everything we wanted, and made it happen for us - we love our Waterloo home, and got incredible value!
    When it came time to selling - Jen took our stresses in stride, and we were able to transform our space into everything I ever pictured it to be - which of course is challenging in daily life with our work schedules and three kids. After we received our first couple offers - Jen really pushed to get us even more than when we thought. Her ability to make the whole process smooth, manage our busy schedules, and also to provide us with countless home décor tips - made her better than we every expected. We recommend her to everyone, and are so pleased with the experience. If you are a female entrepreneur with a family, no one will get it more than Jen! :)

  • Claudia and Dalton

    We would recommend Jen as a realtor in a heartbeat. In fact, I think it would be quicker than that. When we were looking for a home a few years ago, we started out with another realtor and not too long after that, I grew frustrated with the process and just felt like that realtor wasn’t the right match for us. Our close friend recommended Jen knowing she would be the perfect fit for us and we are so grateful that we were able to make the switch! Jen was a pleasure to work with, she was ON IT. I tend to be a control freak but I tucked that away because I knew Jen had things under control. Getting our dream home definitely didn’t come easy but Jen had our backs the entire way through and with her advice and expertise, we landed exactly where we wanted to be. One of the things we appreciated the most was the emotional support she gave us – there were so many times we felt low and discouraged by the whole process and Jen’s kind words of encouragement helped to lift us up. The attention and care with which she handles every case is admirable. We’re thankful we had Jen as our realtor and even more thankful to call her a close friend now.