Why Jen?

because of her...

My Beliefs

I truly believe everyone has a story for how their home becomes theirs and I have so much pride in being such a small piece of that.

I feel honoured that I get to help pick out a space where their family is going to spend their Friday nights, where they might bring home their baby for the first time, where they might bring home the partner they’re going to spend forever with – it all just warms my heart so much.

I believe a lot of the times we forget how personal the process of buying and selling a home is. It is such an overwhelming, emotional, exciting, anxious experience and I am grateful every day that I am part of the whirlwind.

I love understanding the story of the home:

  • why there is new carpeting in that area,
  • why they set up the front room like that,
  • and what kind of countertop that is…

Every home has a unique story and a special feel about it that I really like to inscribe into my listing description so Buyers can envision adding all the positive aspects of the home into their families story.

On the flipside – I love:

  • the role of marketing the amazing aspects of a home that has been loved
  • drawing the Buyer into all the memories that they can make in the home
  • looking at the safety concerns for parents or parents to be which as a mom of young kids, it’s easy for me to see
  • researching the school area
  • knowing the walking trails, parks etc.

These are all part of the process of knowing as much about how a home has been loved.

My Story

How did I get into real estate?

Well, I’m a big believer in the universe guiding you along the path you’re supposed to take – so I guess I would say real estate fell on my lap. I don’t remember what began it exactly but I finished my two degrees at Wilfrid Laurier University – and after years of working at a restaurant to fund my education – I knew I wanted to work with people and in sales, so real estate was a natural step.

There are days I can’t believe it’s been 10 years on this journey of building a business.

You know you start – and think – “Man I hope I can sell a house”, but as the years go by, I have been so lucky to meet the people I have in this business, have had a lot of success for my clients, and I have so many huge goals to keep pushing me.

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My Accomplishments

So here it is, but then I will tell you the really cool ones that didn’t come with “plaques”.

  • Top 30 under 30 in Sales for Re/Max
  • Top 30 Women under 30 in Sales for Re/Max
  • Platinum Award for Sales with Re/Max years running
  • #1 Sales Representative at Re/Max Real Estate Centre Kitchener
  • Re/Max Hall of Fame
  • Honours Communications Degree and Honours Global Studies Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University

However, my more amazing accomplishments:

I have had tremendous success for my clients. I have shown them how to create the best product out of their homes, and then negotiated every penny that I could for them. You see – the thing I never forget every single day of this business- is that a lot of times, all the money someone is taking from their house is what carries them into their future, their retirement, and potentially sets up their kids. I have also done this is an honest, and trustworthy way. That part doesn’t need a plaque, but it is what means the most to me – and feeds my passion.

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My Mission

To be kind, honest and create good energy in a competitive business. To share the passion I have of real estate with my clients and to ensure they make the best financial decisions for their families’ future.

  • My Passion

    1. When someone walks in and finally find the home that is theirs – and all the stress of saving, potentially losing other houses in offers, and anxiousness goes away, and they feel like they are home.

    2. When I call someone and tell them their house is SOLD. Honestly it’s the best phone call ever – and I look forward to it every time. It’s like a huge sigh of relief, and the final checkmark for a huge new move in life.

  • My Goals

    Continue to grow my business in Real Estate

    Continue to grow my “tribe” in Real Estate

    Write a Book

    Teach a course in Real Estate